Was macht KeyShot so anders?

KeyShot wurde entwickelt, um das 3D-Rendering und die Animation einfach zu machen. Es ermöglicht Ihnen, Materialien und Beleuchtung schnell anzuwenden und bietet die genauesten Materialerscheinungen und die realistischste Beleuchtung, alles in einer leistungsstarken Oberfläche, die erweiterte Funktionen und die Möglichkeit bietet, alle Ihre Änderungen in Echtzeit zu sehen. Also, was ist KeyShot? Und was hilft es dir dabei?


Folgende Features sind in allen KeyShot Versionen enthalten.


Folgende Features sind in allen KeyShot Versionen enthalten.

Real-time Ray Tracing

Progressive global illumination with adaptive material sampling, dynamic lighting and focused caustics.

Exclusive Materials

KeyShot is the only rendering solution with materials for Axalta Paints, Mold-Tech Textures, and Sørensen Leathers.

Interactive Scene Tree

All parts, lights, cameras and animations in one place, with live search, filtering and grouping capabilities.

Focused Caustics

Show how light is affected by your materials with real world caustics immediately visible with a flip of a switch.

Unlimited Resolution

Unlimited real-time and render output resolution with presets for common sizes and custom resolution creation.


A direct connection between 3D modeling software and KeyShot with many including LiveLinking.

HDRI Lighting

Light your scenes quickly. Drag and drop a KeyShot HDRI environment into the scene and adjust as needed.

Material Templates

Patented technology to set up templates to automatically assign materials to the imported models on import to KeyShot.

Interactive Labeling

Position labels on objects using their own material definition or adopted from the properties of the underlying material.

Rounded Edges

Turn sharp edges on an imported model into beautiful, small rounded edges and fillets with simple slider.

Camera Control

Simulate real world camera behavior with different mode and controls applied in real-time to capture the perfect image.


Through select KeyShot plugins, keep your geometry changes updated in KeyShot without losing any work.

Physical Lighting

Add area, point or IES light sources by applying a light material to any piece of model geometry.

Color Libraries

Enhance your materials by using industry standard color libraries like Pantone and RAL exclusively in KeyShot.

Dynamic Texture Mapping

Add area, point or IES light sources by applying a light material to any piece of model geometry.


Create 100s or 1,000s of independent model instances without affecting file size, memory or speed.

Perspective Matching

Interactive perspective matching tool that allows you to align the object in the scene with the photographed objects.

Network Rendering

Take on large rendering tasks across your computer network and render your projects in a fraction of the time.

Accurate Materials

Scientific accurate materials that represent properties like IOR, dispersion and subsurface scattering.

Toon Shading

Create non-photorealistic renderings suited for technical documentation, patent drawings and more.

Procedural Textures

2D and 3D procedural textures from cloth, mesh and scratches to wood, gradient, camouflage and occlusion.


Make collections of your favorite materials, colors, environments and textures for use in other scenes.


KeyShot has the widest support for the direct import of over 20 native and neutral 3D file types.

KeyShot Cloud

Search and share KeyShot assets including materials, HDRIs and backplates, and download to KeyShot.

Pro Features

Folgende Features sind in KeyShot Pro, Pro Floating und Enterprise enthalten.


Set up your own personal studios with any combination of cameras, environments, model sets and materials.

HDRI Editor

Lighting presets and Full HDRI control with light pins, blur, highlights and the ability to enhance or create HDRIs.

Real-time Region Rendering

Select and concentrate your computer power to render small areas of your scene and see the results in real-time.

Model Sets

Set up different variations of the models in your scene to show different model configurations or create color studies.


Sun & Sky

Interactive Sun & Sky generation with date, time, and location, or place the sun where you need it in the HDRI.

Render Passes

For more post-processing control, KeyShot includes render passes, like clown, depth and normal pass.

NURBS rendering

For the ultimate quality and zero tessellation, KeyShot supports the import and render of NURBS data.

Material Graph

Create advanced materials using KeyShot’s node-based editor to layer and animate materials and textures.

Render Queue

Store all your scenes prepared through the day and process the entire batch of when you’re ready.

Geometry Editor

A secondary OpenGL viewport that allows camera path movement and geometry editing of the imported model.


Deeper functionality available through the Python scripting console to unleash the power of KeyShot.

3D Printing Integration

Export scenes to STL or capture color and texture with ZPR output, making the file ready for 3D printing.


Folgende Features sind in KeyShot Pro, Pro Floating und Enterprise enthalten.

Part & Camera Animation

Patented animation system to create part and camera animation using real-time setup and playback of your animation.

Zoom Animation

The Zoom camera animation allows for the dynamic change of the camera’s field of view for more dramatic animations.

Camera Path Animation

Create camera path animations by selecting existing views or dynamically creating the path in real-time.

DOF Animation

Depth of Field animation allows for the dynamic change of the camera’s focus distance and F-stop values.

Panorama Animation

Create first-person rotation animations with a click using the camera itself as the rotation pivot.

Camera Switch Events

Set up camera switch events in a single scene to quickly switch between multiple camera animations.

Fade Animation

Animate a between two colors, across a range of colors or change a material’s opacity over a specific duration.

Motion Blur

Create real-time motion blur with quick settings to deliver the ultimate realism when displaying moving parts.


AddOn, für alle KeyShot Versionen verfügbar.

Interactive Visuals

Create web-ready, touch-enabled visuals directly from your KeyShot scene with an array of unique features.

Responsive Embed

When you embed your KeyShotXR, it sizes correctly to the width of a browser whether on desktop or mobile device.

360° Spherical Experience

KeyShotXR goes beyond turntable views. With KeyShotXR, create true, fully spherical 360° product experiences.

Preserved Image Quality

When you zoom in on your KeyShotXR, the image quality is preserved to ensure every detail is captured.

Touch Gesture Control

KeyShotXR is completely touch-enabled and works across mobile, tablet or larger touchscreen displays.

Interior KeyShotXR

A KeyShotXR that uses the camera itself as the pivot center to capture first-person view of the scene.

KeyShotXR Wizard

With six different KeyShotXR types, create turntable, spherical, animated or custom KeyShotXRs step-by-step.

iBooks Support

Advanced iBooks widget output to embed a touch-enabled product experience in Apple iBooks files.

Testen Sie KeyShot und erfahren Sie, wie schnell Sie erstaunliche fotorealistische Visualisierungen Ihrer 3D-Daten erstellen können.